Monday, May 24, 2010

The Best of South Dakota Cooking

The SDM staff is working on the biggest food story in South Dakota Magazine history. In honor of our 25th Anniversary, our 2010 September/October issue will feature 25 favorite South Dakota foods. We’re highlighting classics — like lutefisk, kuchen, walleye, rhubarb and chokecherry— but we’re still hashing out which foods should be included. What foods do you think best represent our state?


  1. Maybe venison in any form, especially chislic...or pheasant. I don't know how South Dakotan this is, but my grandparents always liked pickled herring and cinnamon swirl bread with cheese whiz on it!

  2. I agree with the poster above. Must have game!

    Pickled herring is delish, but I'm not sure how ingrained in SD culture it is. If lutefisk is going to be included may as well pickled herring, I suppose.

    As for cinnamon swirl bread with cheese whiz... I've never heard of anyone eating such a... thing. Frankly that's kind of horrifying.

  3. SDSU Ice cream from the Dairy Bar.
    Plum jelly made from plums picked in a wind break - chokecherry, too.
    Nick's Hamburgers
    August Tomatoes
    Sweet corn
    Pheasant baked in cream sauce
    Rhubarb everything

  4. Rainbow trout dredged in cornmeal and cooked on a grill.

  5. Beef. I barely know how to cook without ground beef.

    My mother-in-law's apple kuchen is the best.

    Another classic is "Hot Dish" ~ my Grandma Edna called MANY things by this name.

    Agree with Windbreak Plum or Chokecherry jelly.

    Perch or bass wrapped in foil and baked over the fire with butter & lemmon pepper.

    jodi shaw

  6. I haven't thought of cinnamon swirl bread with cheese on it in sooooooo long, but we definitely indulged in it, though we used Velveeta versus Cheez Whiz. Broiled was best!

    Deer chislic *must* be included, too.

    And fried chicken from Bob's or the Keg in Sioux Falls.

    Pickled herring was a popular at our house, too. Not to mention rhubarb in many culinary creations: pie, jam, bread, cake and straight out of the garden dipped in sugar. Zucchini was another popular bread and cake ingredient.

    Looking forward to the food article!

  7. Schmeck fest in Freeman and it's recipes!!