Friday, May 21, 2010

Who's Your Favorite South Dakotan?

In this magazine's 25 years, we've published well over 1,200 major feature articles, plus thousands of smaller pieces, and met more interesting characters than we can count. Our January/February issue, the first in our special 25th anniversary series of issues appearing through 2010, included a story about some of those colorful people. There was Tub Rath, the Wasta gentleman who delivered flowers and candy to the women of his town every Valentine's Day, town builder and cow man Ed Lemmon, rodeo star Casey Tibbs and singer Sherwin Linton.

We're curious: who is your favorite South Dakotan? Maybe it's someone we didn't include in our story, or even a person with whom we haven't crossed paths. Tell us about him or her.

And while you're at it, longtime readers surely have a favorite story. One of our most popular was a photo essay on Berlye Seaman, an old man who lived alone in a shack near the Bad River, that appeared in 1997. What's your favorite?

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